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LGBT Festivals and Events in Australia

The gay community in Australia is vibrant and beautiful, with festivals, parades and events across the country, you’ll find there’s always plenty to do. If you haven’t been to one of these festivals before or are looking for something different to do this year then you’re in luck! The LGBT community in Australia is flourishing. […]

Sydney World Pride 2023 – The Biggest LGBTQ Event in Australia

Sydney World Pride 2023

Sydney World Pride is the biggest LGBT event in Australia. It’s a long rainbow of activities and celebrations culminating with a spectacular parade through the city. World Pride has been held annually and is an international movement that aims to strengthen the global LGBTQ community through arts, education, and advocacy.  WorldPride events are usually held […]

How “R U OK” is helping the LGBT community in Australia


Countless local and worldwide campaigns calling for equality of LGBTQ signify that they are not yet entirely accepted by society. As a result, these vulnerable people are still being bullied and segregated in ways that may appear inhumane at times. We have heard heartbreaking stories wherein some even lead to the loss of life. Organisations […]

LGBT Support Groups and Services in Australia – Full Guide

Whilst Australia has become increasingly accepting of the LGBT community over recent years, many LGBT people still struggle with feeling different and not having anyone to speak to who understands them. However, there are a plethora of LGBT groups, LGBT services, and LGBT organisations Australia who are on hand to offer their support to all […]