Poppers are used by many people for various purposes. However, when it comes time to purchase them, knowing some of the words used for them is ideal. Numerous retailers have different words for them which might make the purchaser wonder if they’re the right thing they’re looking for.

Know these terms for the word poppers and then go from there when it comes to purchasing high quality poppers for all of the needs that you have. Poppers provide users with many uses, so depending on your use, you may have to consider some of these other terms that are used to describe the product.


Poppers Terms

  • Love Drug
  • Wampole
  • Amative
  • Jiggalator
  • Popperbate
  • Liquid Gold
  • Solidstalin
  • Hit the p’s
  • Boogle Water
  • Animal Nitrate
  • Popper’s Ice
  • Blanket Flapper
  • Chain Booting
  • Harmonigasm
  • Firerrhea


Even though these are street names that are used for the poppers, there are many chemical ingredients that can be found within them. They are sometimes referred to as those ingredients, or as a cleaner when being asked about in person.

When it comes to poppers, you can call them or use them however you’d like. This is all based on personal preference for this type of product. Ensure that you’re using them according to instructions and safely each and every time. This is to help you be safe while using the product, while also getting the best use out of it.

Purchasing poppers can be done through the use of many places that are there providing the products when you need them. Below, you can find the information you need to purchase the poppers, know what to ask for and how you can make the most use from them once you purchase them.

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Purchasing Poppers For Your Own Use


While there are many other words out there floating around for these, it is important to note that not everyone is able to sell them. When you go somewhere, you have to ask for something to clean leather or with one of their many other uses. From there, you’re provided with a larger selection.

Better yet, when it comes to buying amyl nitrate or poppers, our website can provide the poppers you’re in need of without having to worry about where you’re going to go to purchase them next. Have them shipped discreetly to your front door.

Poppers are everywhere out there, make sure you know where to purchase them and who has the highest quality poppers that you’re searching for. Shop today and enjoy them tomorrow!