Covid19 or coronavirus started around end of 2019 and still making its waves around the country at the time of writing this article. Even though Australia has recovered from Covid19 in most areas, some states like Victoria is still suffering from the second wave of corona virus. So in this article, we will cover some safety tips for Aussie Poppers readers. These are general tips and you must checkout official govt. sites for latest update, news or Covid19 safety rules and regulations.

Firstly, for those who were into clubbing scene and loved the dance floor, well at this stage dance floors are not permitted. You can sit and have a drink and food at most places as far as total number is under the limit but dancing or dance floor access is closed or not allowed. We just have to wait till it opens up again in future. Until then, it is highly recommended to follow the rules and stay away from dance floor and keep your social distance.

It is recommended to restaurant and cafe owners to move or remove tables and seating to support 1.5 metres of physical distance where possible. Household or other close contacts are not required to physically distance. Groups of friends may not necessarily all be household-like contacts and so may require additional space at a table so that they can physically distance.

For hotels and other similar place, ensure 1.5 metres between gaming machines and gaming tables, where practical. This can be achieved by moving machines or turning off or blocking access to every second machine or every second table.

Pre corona times we enjoyed networking and chit chatting with people in clubs or pubs while consuming alcohol but post corona, alcohol can only be consumed by seated customers. So make sure you are not moving around with alcohol.

Most of the rules are based around physical distancing and for good reason. So it is really the common sense in most cases where you need to keep a safe distance from others in public places, stay at home or isolate yourself if you have flu like symptoms and go for testing if your GP recommends it.

More info. and latest update are on website.